Nancy Robinson ~ The Artist


Drawing and painting has been such a large part of my life since I was a young girl. I have had the good fortune to be able to turn that passion into a professional career over the past 30 years. Everyday, painting brings me new joy, it is not a job, but a blessing. 

I am a realist painter; however, I aim to represent the effect of light and shadow on my subjects rather than simply reproduce the scenes as viewed. I paint to capture memories, record the character of light, the fall of shadows, and the nature of forms. Painting is my emotional response to what I see, and it is my hope that I invoke a similar response in those who view my work.   

I most enjoy painting architecture and flowers and my best work combines these elements. My paintings often reflect my travels across Europe and my favorite places in the US; however, I often find beauty and inspiration in my own backyard.    

After completing an art degree, I continue to refine my technique in both oil and watercolor by taking both private and group classes with notable artists. I learn and grow as an artist every time I paint and I will never run out of inspiration. I enjoy teaching semi private art classes to children and young adults. It is exciting to ignite that passion for art in students at a young age. Many of my students have gone on to professional art careers. 

While raising my family of three children, Matthew, Meghan & Kevin, with my husband Michael, I stayed involved in my art. I painted house portraits for real estate companies, was privately commissioned to paint wall murals, card design, volunteered at the local schools designing the stage art for many school plays and taught art classes to children.

Now that my family is full-grown, I am a full-time artist. I have a home studio and I frequently paint en plein air. I exhibit widely in NJ & CT and have been featured in the Everhart Gallery, Basking Ridge, NJ and in Artesians Gallery, Bay Head, NJ. My work is found in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the tri state area. Each day I wake up, I say, "today I get to paint", rather than, "today I have to paint".